Society for Special Functions & their Applications




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Special Functions : Selected Topics
Proceeding of the First Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications
Jodhpur (India), March 3-4, 2000
Editors: P. K. Banerji
Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur, India. 2000



Chandrashekar Adiga, R.Y. Denis, K.R. Vasuki
On some Continued Fraction Expansions for Ratios of 2

M.I. Qureshi, M.S. Khan, M.A. Pathan
Applications of saalschiitz’s Theorem in Hypergeometric Transformation Involving Quarter and Unit Arguments.

D.N. Vyas
Dirchlet Average and a New Class of Hypergeometric Function

M.A. Pathan, Subuhi Khan
Generating Relations Involving Hypergeometric Functions by Means of Integral Operators II

A.K. Agarwal, B. Dutta
Number Theory and Special Functions

S.B. Joshi
Certain Subclasses of Univalent Functions with Negative Coefficients

Deshna Loonker
On a Distributional Transform

R.K. Kumbhat, Yogesh Sharma
On Certain Distortion Theorem for Fractional Integral Operators

Manisha Dalbhide, B.I. Dave
A General Inversion Pair – II

D. Pandey
Evaluation of Multiple Integral Identities Involving Tricomi Functions Using Groups Representation Theory

Abha Purohit
Excavating Index Transform

R.Y. Denis, S.N. Singh
Certain Results Involving q-Series and Continued Fractions

P.L. Sethi, Poonam
Generalized 2/2 Distribution of Matrix Argument and its Application in Reliability Theory

M.A. Hussain
Some Generating Relation of Orthogonal Functions

R.Y. Denis, S.N. Singh, N.A Bhagirathi
On Certain Bilateral q-Series and Ramanujans Continued Fraction

P.L. Sethi, Shalini Varhney
On Functional Relation of Matrix Argument

Gamal N. Shenan
Application of Differintegral Operator of Arbitrary Order to a Nested Class of Analytic Functions with Negative Coefficients

R.K. Kumbhat, Arif M. Khan
A convolution Transformation for H-Function and its Inversion

A.S.A. Galiz
On a Theory of Operator for the Modulus Function Space

R.K. Yadav, Sunita Vyas
On a Basic Analogue of the G-Function

P.L. Sethi, Vandana Rajwani
Some Bivariate Integral Equations and their Connection with Dual Integral equations

R.K. Kumbhat, Hafiz Khan
Solution of Integral equation of Fredholm Type

R.K. Kumbhat, Seema Singhal
An Inversion Formula of Fractional Integral Operator Involving Kummer’s Confluent Hypergeometric Function of Matrix Argument

Padmavathamma, Ruby Salestina, M.
A Note on Some Partition Identities - II


Proceeding of the International Conference on
Special Functions and their Applications
(Second Annual Conference) Vol. I

Lucknow (India), February 2-4, 2001.
Editors: R. Y. Denis, M. A. Pathan



S. Bhargava
Presidential Address (General)

S. Bhargava
Presidential Address (Technical)

R.P. Agarwal
An attempt towards presenting an unified theory for mock theta functions

S. Kanemitsu, Y. Tanigawa and M. Yoshimoto
On Zeta-and-L-function values at special rational arguments via the modular relation

J. Van der Jeugt
The invariance groups of certain single and double hypergeometric series

M.V. Subbarao
Partitions – Some parity problems and results

R.S. Pathak and S.M. Tripathi
Bailey’s integral and associated convolution operators

M.A. Pathan
On generalization of Graf-type addition Theorems

Remy Y. Denis and S.N. Singh
Cayley and Orr type identities

K. Srinivasa Rao
The 3n-j Coefficients and multiple hypergeometric series

Arun Verma
Identities in Ramanujan’s ‘Lost’ note book and quadratic transformation of q-series

C.M. Joshi and Sadhna Nalwaya
On bounds of incomplete Lipschitz-Hankel integrals of cylindrical functions

P.K. Banerji
Differential operators of arbitrary order and nested class of analytic functions

M.A. Hussain
Orthogonal polynomials ad their applications.

H.S.P. Srivastava
On multi index Hermite polynomials


Proceeding of the International Conference on
Special Functions and their Applications
(Second Annual Conference) Vol. II

Lucknow (India), February 2-4, 2001.
Editors: R. Y. Denis, M. A. Pathan

H.C. Khare
Special functions and their applications

Pankaj Srivastava
A page from Ramanujan’s ‘Lost’ note book

M. Kamarujjama and M. Khursheed Alam
Some generating relations involving Mittag-Leffeler’s Functions of matrix variate

P.L. Sethi and
Laplace transform of biorthogonal distribution functions of matrix theory

P.L. Sethi and Poonam
Inversion formulas for infinite generalized Toeplitz Matrices – II

P.K. Banerji and Deshna Loonker
On the Mellin transform of tempered Boehmian

P.K. Banerji and Abha Purohit
On the mapping properties of an index  integral Transform of Lp – spaces

Rashmi Jain and M.A. Pathan
On theorems involving Laplace transform and Weyl Fractional integral operator

M.A. Pathan and Subuhi Khan
Representation of a Lie algebra K5 and Hermite Polynomials

S.S. Tak and G.S. Sisodia
Viscous heating in unsteady free convection along a Hot vertical plate suddenly set in motion in presence of transverse magnetic field

S.S. Tak and Govind Pathak
Unsteady free convection along a hot vertical accelerated plate in presence of transverse magnetic field

M.I. Qureshi, N.U. Khan and M.A. Pathan
Multiple Gaussian hypergeometric transformation Formula associated with Preece result

R.K. Kumbhat and Arif M.Khan
Mellin convolution and I-function transformations

R.K. Kumbhat and Arif M. Khan
A regularized approximate solution of the fractional Integral operator

Pankaj Mathur
(0,2)* interpolation on non-uniformly distributed zeros on unit circle

R.K. Kumbhat and Hafiz Khan
Certain class of Mac Robert’s fractional integrals


Selected Topics in Special Functions
Editors: R. P. Agarwal, H. L. Manocha, K. Srinivasa Rao
Allied Publishers Limited, New Delhi. 2001



R.P. Agarwal
Recent Developments in the Theory of Generalized Hypergeometric series

H.L. Manocha
Lie Theory, q-Difference Calculus and q-Functions

S. Bhargava
Cubic Theta Functions

A. Verma
Polybasic Hypergeometric Series

K. Srinivasa Rao
Hypergeometric series and Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum

A,K. Agarwal
Some Applications of Special Functions in Number Theory and Combinatorics

M.A. Pathan
Lie Theory and Generalized Bessel Functions

R.Y. Denis and S.N. Singh
Generalized Hypergeometric Functions And Continued Fractions

C.Adiga and D.D. Somashekara
Rogers – Ramanujan Identities, Continued Fractions and their Generalizations

R.S. Pathak
Special Functions and Distributions

Vivek Sahai
Euler integral transformation, its q-analogue and Special functions using Lie theory and quantum theory

P.K. Banerji
Fractional Differintegrals

R.K. Saxena
On the Unification and Extension of Univariate And Bivariate Distributions Associated with special Functions

C.M. Joshi
Exact asymptotic coefficients and bounds of generalized hypergeometric function


Proceeding of the Third Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Varansi (India), March 4-6, 2002
Editors: R. S. Pathak, A. K. Agarwal, M. A. Pathan



B.D. Agrawal
Professor Brij Mohan : A Biography

N.K. Thakare
Some Open Problems in the Theory of Biorthogonal Polynomials

A.K. Agarwal
New Combinatorial Interpretations of Some Analytical Identities

K. Srinivasa Rao
Numerical Aspects of Special Functions

R. Rangarajan, E.R. Suryanarayan and Rangaswamy
Properties of Brahmagupta Polynomials with Two Parameters

N. Shiva Kumar
On a Paper of Srinivasa Ramanujan

R.K. Saxena
Certain Properties of Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function

M.I. Qureshi, M. Sadiq Khan and M.A. Pathan
Some Families of Gaussian Hypergeometric Generating Relations

Mohannad J.S. Shahwan
Lie Theoretic Generating Functions of Two-Index Modified Generalized Bessel Functions

Dhaneshwar Pandey
Realization of Representations of Subgroups and Evaluation of Some Integral Identities.

P.K. Banerji
Fractional Calculus and Analytic Functions

R.K. Saxena, Jeta Ram and (Ms) A.R. Chauhan
Fractional Integration of Appell Function F3 Associated with General Class of Multivariable Polynomials.

M.K. Ahamad
Diamond Wavelets and Time-Frequency Representation

H.S.P. Srivastava
Multivariable Bessel Polynomials

Mridula Garg, Girish Mishra, Mahesh Kumar Gupta
Distribution of the Ratio of Products of Rational Powers of Independent Random Variables.

Satya Prakash Singh
Certain Transformation Formulae for Basic Hypergeometric Series

R.Y. Denis and S.N. Singh
Transformations of Poly-Basic Hypergeometric Functions

R.S. Pathak and S.M. Tripathi
The Generalized Hankel Convolutions on Distribution Spaces

J. Das (n,ee Chaudhuri)
The Solutions of Some Real Linear Self- adjoint nth Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Jayasri Sett and A.K. Biswas
On Some Properties of Hill’s Equations with Three Terms

Pitambar Das
On Oscillatory Behavior of Neutral Delay Differential Equations

S.P. Singh and D. Mishra
Certain Partition Theorems of Rogers- Ramanujan Type


Proceeding of the Fourth Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Jaipur (India), March 4-6, 2003
Editors: A. K. Agarwal, M. A. Pathan, S. P. Goel



K. Takano
On The Infinite Divisibility of Normed Conjugate Product of Gamma Function

A. K. Agarwal
An Analogue of a Rogers Ramanujan Identity

A. Bernarini, G. Dattoli and P. E. Ricci
L - Exponential and Higher Order Laguerre Polynomials

S. P. Goel and J. K. Prajapat
New Class of Analytic Functions Involving Certain Fractional Differ-Integral Operator

S. P. Singh
On Certain Transformations Involving q-Series

Pankaj Srivastava and Bindu Prakash Mishra
Ramanujan Sum of 1y1 and its Applications

Mridula Gerg and Vimal Katta
On Study of a Partial Differential Equation Governing the Transport of Heavy Pollutant From the Ground Level Aerial Sources
using the Generalized Hankel Transform

Trilok Mathur
Convolution of an Integral Equation Involving Multiple Integration with a Product of Confuelent Hypergeometric Function

Asit Kumar Sarkar
A Unified Group Theoretic Method on Improper Partial Qusai-Bilateral Generating Function Involving Some Special Cases

Mridula Gerg and Amit Mathur
Finite Integral Involving Leguerre Functions and the H - Function

Rashmi Jain and Arti Sharma
A Study of H - Function Transform

Shashikant, Sonia Sharma and A. K. Rathie
Some Summation Formulas for Appell's Functions F1

S. S. Bhati and Meenakshi Purohit
The Confluent Hypergeometric Function of  Four Variables

Alka Parashar
On a General Multiple Eulerian Involving General Classes of Polynomials and Multi-variable H - Functions

Subuhi Khan and Ghazala Yasmin
On Generating Relation Involving Laguerre 2D Functions

S. Ahamd Ali
An Infinite Family of Mock Theta Functions


Proceeding of the Fifth Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Lucknow (India), February 8 -10, 2004
Editors: A. K. Agarwal, R. P. Agarwal, N. K. Thakare, M. A. Pathan, R. Y. Denis, S. Ahmad Ali



Arun Verma
Presidential Address

D. Karp, A. Savenkova and Saitnik
Series Expansions and Asymptotics for Incomplete Elliptic Integrals via Partial Fraction Decompositions

Mridula Gerg and Shweta Mittal
Study of a Generalization of multivariable Bessel Polynomials

H. S. P. Srivastava
Multiindex-Multivariable Sister Celine Polynomials

Swaroop Nandan Bora
Associated Legendre Polynomials in the Problems of Water Wave Diffraction by Submerged Bodies

R. K. Yadav abd S. D. Purohit
q-Laplace Transforms of Certain Generalized Basic Hypergeometric Functions

Partha Pratim Dey
Multiplier Theorem Revisited

M. Kamarujjama and Dinesh Singh
On Certain Integral Transforms Associated with Lauricella Functions

Padmavathamma, R. Raghavendra and B. M. ChandraShekhara
A New Partition Function

Subhash Chandra Maratha and Swaroop Nandan Bora
Bessel Functions in Linear Water Wave Diffraction Theory


Proceeding of the Sixth Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Jaunpur (India), June 4 -5, 2005
Editors: R. P. Agarwal, N. K. Thakare, M. A. Pathan, R. Y. Denis, S. N. Singh



R. S. Pathak
Presidential Address

G. Dattoli, M. R. Martinelli and P. E. Ricci
Comments on Operational Methods and Diffusion Problems

R. Y. Denis, S. N. Singh and S. P. Singh
Certain Transformations of q-Hypergeometric Functions with Uncoonected Bases

S. P. Goel and Manita Bhagtani
On Certan Family of Generalized Integral Operators and Multivalent Analytic Functions

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, M. P. Singh and Ajay Kumar Shukla
Solution of Miscible Fluid  Flow Through Porous Media in Terms of Hypergeometric Funtion

Rajiv K. Srivastava
Bicomlex Analysis : A Prospective Generalization  for the Theory of Special Functions

Rashmi Jain and Rajani Agarwal
A Study of Unified Operators and the H-Function Transform

P. N. Rathie and A. K. Rathei
Gauss Hypergeometric Function and Generalization of Matchbox Problem of Banach

S. P. Singh
Certain Results Involving Ramanujan's tau Functions

Shaun Cooper and Syeda Noor Fathima
Symmetry of Cubic Theta Function

A. K. Agarwal
Lattice Path and Mock Theta Functions

Chena Ram and Naresh
Fourier Series Associated with a General Class of Multivariable Polynomials and the I-Function


Proceeding of the Seventh Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Pune (India), February 21 -23, 2006
Editors: A. K. Agarwal, N. K. Thakare, M. A. Pathan, B. N. Waphare, M. M. Shikare



N. K. Thakre
A Reports

C. M. Joshi
Applications of CertainMethods in the Analytical Derivation of Rogers Ramanujan Identities and their Generalizations

Pushpa N. Rathie, Chang C. Y. Doerea and RAul Matsushita
Levy Distribution, H-Function and Application to Currency Data

Mridula Gerg and Alka Rao
An Extention of Fractional Free Electron Laser Equation

Padmavathamma, Raghvendra, R, and Rajeshkanna, M. R.
Bijection Proof of a New Partition Identity

Rashmi Jain, Kantesh Fupta and Rajani Agarwal
Finite Summation Formula Involving Lauricella Series

P. K. Baneji
An Introduction to Beohmians and their Transforms

R. Y. Denis, S. N. Singh and S. P. Singh
On Simple Proofs of Certain Entries from Ramanujan's Second Notebook

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan and Mukesh Pal Singh
On General Class of Polynomials of Three Variables

Mridula Gerg and Kumkum Jain
Some New Representation for Voiget Functions

N. U. Khan
Certain Generating Functions Involving Mutivariable Hypergeometric Polynomials

S. P. Singh
Continued Fractions Related to some Theta and Partition Functions

J. P. Yadav
On Certain Continued Fraction Involving Basic Bilateral Series

A. K. Shukla
Generalization of Class of Polynomials Connected with Mittag-Leffler Function

A. M. Mathai
A Review of Recent Developments on Generalized Complex Matrix Variat Drichlet Integrals

Proceeding of the Eighth Annual Conference of the
Society for Special Functions and their Applications

Pala (India), May 18 -20, 2007
Editors: A. M. Mathai, M. A. Pathan, K. K. Jose, Joy Jacob



A.K. Agarwal
Presidential Address

Hans J. Haubold
Special Functions and Pathways for Statistical Problems
in Astrophysics: An Essay in Honour of A.M. Mathai

Camila C.S. Caiado and Pushpa N. Rathie
Polynomial Coefficients and Distribution of the Sum of
Discrete Uniform Variables

K.K. Jose, Ancy Joseph and Miroslav M. Ristic
A Generalized Bivariate Semi-Pareto Minification Process

R.K. Saxena
On a Unified Inverse Gaussian Distribution

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan and Bhagwat Swaroop Sharma
A Study of Three Variables Analogues of Certain
Fractional Integral Operators

A. Hasanov
A New Class of Confluent Hypergeometric Functions with
Three Variables

Mumtaz Ahmad Khan and Bijan Rouhi
On Three Variable Analogue of Gegenbaur Polynomials

Lishamol Tomy and K.K. Jose
On a Convolution of Normal and Generalized Semi--Laplace
Distributions and its Applications in Time Series Modelling

M.I. Qureshi, Aas Mohammad and Kaleem A. Quraishi
Analysis of the Slider-Crank Mechanism Using
Hypergeometric Approach

Satya Prakash Singh
A Note on Bailey’s Transform

K.K. Jose and Shanoja R. Naik
On q-Weibull Distribution and its Applications in Survival
and Reliability Analysis

P. Uma and K.K. Jose
Generalized Mittag-Leffler Distributions and Processes

G. Girija
Some Fundamental Special Functions on A2 and their Properties

K.V. Jayamol and K.K. Jose
a.p.g.f Ordering: Characterizations and Equivalence Properties

Alice Thomas, K.K. Jose, Miroslav M. Risti´c and Ancy Joseph
Marshall-Olkin Univariate and Bivariate Logistic Processes 

A.K. Shukla and J.C. Prajapati
On Explicit Representations and Integral Transformations of 
General Class of Polynomials

M.A. Pathan, B.B. Jaimini and Shiksha Gautam
On a General Class of Euler Type Integrals

Hemant Kumar, M. A. Pathan and Shilesh Kumari
On Some Kernels of Integral Functions, Multiple Fractional
Integral Operators Involving these Kernels and Applications